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I have the following Collins station that is excess to my needs for sale.
1.  KWM2-A , serial #11536.  This is a winged emblem and has new plug in 
relays.  This radio was gone through by Bob - KX6X who is listed in the Collins 
Web Site as an official repair station.  This radio has full output power as 
specified per the manual except 10 meters which is around 75-80 watts output.  
The radio has been aligned and is in very nice shape for its age.  Please note 
that the case has been repainted and looks decent.

2.  516F-2, serial #20984.  This power supply is in nice condition and is a 
winged emblem. There are no scratches on the case. This is an original power 
supply and has not been altered.

3.  30L-1, serial #41299.  This amplifier is a round emblem and wired for 110 
volts.  With the above exciter it plays nicely around 600 watts output.  The 
case does have some minor scratches and the trim ring is slightly yellow from 
age.  The supply cord is in good condition.  The case appears to have the 
original paint.

4.  312B-4, serial #72257.  This console is a round emblem and in very nice 
condition.  There are a few scratches but nothing to take away from its nice 
appearance.  The paint is original.

NOTE;  The front or faces of all 4 pieces are in excellent condition, no 
scratches or blemishes to take away from their appearance.

I would like $2,000.00 plus shipping.  As expected I would like to sell this 
station as a complete unit.  If after a week or so and it has not sold, I will 
break up the station but will not sell the power supply until after the 
transceiver has sold.

Please respond if you have an interest off the reflector to my e-mail 

Thanks for your time and 73 from snowy Bridgeport, California.

Lee NE6C

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