{Collins} Collins FOR SALE

1.	Collins 62S-1 VHF Converter with original manual and cables very
clean and working 9+ Sn #10799, $1200.00 plus shipping
2.	Collins R-388 HF general coverage receiver .5-30MHz no cabinet,
cover, handles or tags. It?s been retubed, recapped, realigned, Nov.
1961 MFP works and sounds great. Very good copy of Army/AF Technical
manual, clean 7+ $200.00 plus shipping
3.	Collins/Stewart-Warner R-390A Sn #2562 very very clean 9+++ with
cabinet cleanest I ever seen. It was last in use by Sacramento Army
Depot in 1995. New power cord, not original meters substitute not the
right current rating (1ma) but looks well. Checked and realigned works
and sounds great. All original no mods or holes drilled or abused.
$600.00 plus shipping but prefer pick up I don?t trust shippers but if
shipped it be will double packed double boxed it weighs about 125lbs and
shipping cost about $150 insured.
4.	Collins 516F-2 power supply, new power cord and connector, NOS
rectifiers, checked and working. Clean 7+ Sn #61366, $150.00 plus
ALL NO DOA but sold as is due to age
PAYMENT-Pay pal (kc6aru) /M.O./Cashier check or personal check ok clear
      TURNER RADIO (661) 945-9097 M-F 10am-5pm Pacific Time: email
      What don?t sell by next week will go to eBay (yuck) and especially
no FOREIGN bidders.
      Thanks Chuck K6ARU 
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