{Collins} 516F-2 Power Supply Problems

Folks:  I have 2 516 Power Supply's with  problems..The first one, the bias
is high, 150ma is the lowest
reading I can get by adusting the bias control fully counterclockwise, the
rig also has modulation at this point but
the finals in the rig get very hot with just a few short transmissions,
By adjusting the bias fully clockwise, there is no modulation from the rig
and the don't get hot as fast....

When the 2ed 516 is used, the rig starts normally and you hear audio but not
for long, then there is a lound
hum and then you get a all noise after that as the s-meter goes to a full
pin..You cannot tune in any stations at that point,
It just a full pin of noise

Any ideas where to start looking on either?


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