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<FYI to the List:  Copy of direct response to Ron follows :>

That is very typical Ron.  The tube under that spot is a 6BF5 and it is used
as the audio output tube.  Collins ran this guy very hot and I've seen a few
"fixes" to cool it off a bit but have not done any of them to mine.

In addition, it might indicate that the coupling capacitor to that tube is
leaking causing higher than normal plate current to be drawn and therefore
even more heating - once you get the radio, it is worth checking out the
coupling capacitors.

Also, you might want to use the discoloration as a measure of the total use
of the radio.  If someone tells you that it was used very sparingly over the
years and there is lots of discoloration, you might want to take that with a
grain of salt.

In addition, ALL 75S-3 radios were FACTORY equipped with the 200 Hz Collins
xtal filter for cw.  Look on the bottom and if it is missing, someone has
taken it out to see separately.  It commands quite a hefty price (around
$200 plus) in most markets.  Be sure to ask the seller to assure you that it
is indeed in place.

The 75S-3 is an excellent receiver and you should really enjoy it.  73 es
gud dx -- Don N4HH

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