{Collins} some small items for sale, couple sorta rare/ 516F2RE

I have a few items I run across from time to time as I clean out my parts 

The round 100kc xtal calibrator round plug in crystal for the A4 and I think 
the 51J4 too. The part # is 291-5954-00 date code 4-62. I have no A4 or J4 
now to test but would not have kept a "dud". Refund if not working. This is 
the round 2 inch tall 100kc xtal.. $25 shipped Priority mail

Also have the rare 312A1 lighted speaker NOS female receptacle pair that 
attach to the front of the 312A1 and accepts the male prongs from the light 
ends. I do not have the light cap ends ,  just the speaker attached 
receptacles. Please don't ask for these unless you have the speaker because 
I want someone to get these to make the speaker complete, someone who has 
missing or broken pieces. No parts "middle men" please. $35 shipped

Have following 28-29mc xtals for $9 each and $1 shipping in padded envelope. 

Also have the under chasis parts for the solid state update of 516F2 (but 
not the 5R or 5U solid state plug in). I do not have the schematic but the 
parts are (1)the 25 watt 250 ohm dropping resistor that goes in the low 
voltage line to choke, (2) the 1N5408 diode that replaces the selenium 
rectifier, (3)the 8A MOV across the 110v AC line Z130LA20A and (4) a part 
encased in dark plastic appearing to be a diode or some other small part 
with wire ends, sorry do not know what this is. Just got the entire package 
years ago from a marketer of the parts for conversion of the LV circuit to 
solid state. Those who want to do the conversion will know these parts and 
where to install.  $25 shipped Priority

Lastly, have one of my 3 RE 516F2 supplies for sale, as I just sold my RE 
KWM2A. It is MCN#8946 so fairly late production. Working perfectly with 
cabinet, CCA VG+/EX. WILL NOT SHIP because no time to separate and ship in 2 
boxes. Cable and AC cord excellent, no cracks etc. Can take to Little Rock 
or Joplin or Springfield area or within reasonable distance from my QTH if 
needed. This is a very nice RE unit ...$400 firm price.

Thanks for reading.    San K5YY  CCA#169 

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