{Collins} 30L-1 rocker switches

Hello to the list:
    I frequently buy from Hosfelt Electronics in Steubenville, O. and the 
last time I was in their store,
they had a quantity of black rocker switches suitable for the 30L-1 so I 
picked a couple up for
spares. I think they were either 50 cents or $1 each. They have a fair 
amount of parts that
aren't in the catalog but I'll bet you could call them and have them 
shipped. The only difference
I can see is that the rockers have a smooth surface instead of the ribbing 
on the original switch.
     Here are 2 toll-free numbers:  888-264-6464  and  800-264-6464.

     They also carry the .206" plug for S-Line & KWM-2(A) mikes.

     A happy & SAFE Labor Day Weekend to all!


              Rich  WB3JLK

              CCA #331

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