{Collins} Re: KWM-2 dial cord?

At 05:28 PM 9/6/2004 -0500, James Jorgensen wrote:
>Does anyone know a source for some of the plastic-covered wire dial cord 
>used on the band switch in the KWM-2 (and, I suppose, in other places in 
>Collins gear)?  I need enough to re string a KWM-2 band switch.


Over the weekend Bob, W0YVA, measured the dial cords on the KW-1 he's 
rebuilding.  It is steel cored, plastic covered fishline material 0.028 
inch in diameter.

Basspro, http://www.basspro.com used to sell stuff by Sevenstrand, Inc, 
which was ideal, but just now I cannot find it in their website.  Here are 
the details:

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>Subject: {Collins} Re: DIAL CORD FOR 51J-4
>Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 19:13:46 -0600
>Max......Try to find some "Sevalon" 27# test nylon covered stainless steel
>leader, made by the Sevenstrand Tackle Corp. of Long Beach CA.
>It comes in 30' coils in a circular plastic roll-up dispenser. The diameter
>is .020".
>If you have trouble finding it, try;
>                   www.basspro.com
>It is in their catalog.. Item #35-140-508-02
>... the price is $2.49 for a 30 foot coil.
>Works great on KWM-2/2A and S-Line equipment.

I cannot find this stuff in my local sports shops eithere.. THE SEARCH IS ON!


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