{Collins} The Great 30L-1 Switch Run-A Success!

Hello all,
    There's good news on the homefront tonight. Hosfelt had the switches and 
I picked up more
than the total requested. Everyone will get the quantity they requested and 
after I fill the
multitude of orders, I'll offer the remainder to those who might have missed 
getting on my list.
    Please wait for me to post them; I'm going to be quite busy shipping out 
the switches that are
spoken for.
    I'll be getting in contact with each of you soon.
    Here's the sweet part: the switches were only 50 cents each. I'm 
confident they'll handle the current since max. draw occurs on voice peaks 
and you won't be switching an amp on & off
at that time. Switches are rated 15 A @ 125vac/ 10A @ 250 vac.


          Rich  WB3JLK

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