{Collins} 32S-1 problems

On 27 July 1971, Amateur Product Line Information Letter No. 28 was issued which contained the following information
Some 32S-1 and early KWM-2 Transceivers are beginning to exhibit various forms of instability that fails to respond to usual corrective efforts. 
A common cause is capacitor C56 in the 32S-1 and C123 in the KWM-2. These are axial-lead ceramic feedthrough capacitors which are mounted immediately to the right of the 6CL6 driver tube in the PA cage. As they age, they become frequency sensitive.
At one time the typical symptom of a defective capacitor was for the transmitter to operate properly on all bands except 15 metres, where it would oscillate. More recent reports include almost any set of instability symptoms you might describe.The conclusion is, that if an older unit shows instabilities, the above mentioned capacitors should be changed before other repair efforts are made. For a number of years a mica feedthrough capacitor (CPN 912-5232-000) has been used in the 32S-1 and KWM-2 with complete success. The hole vacated by the old capacitor will have to be enlarged slightly to accomodate the new capacitor

(1) What is the value of the mica feedthrough capacitor in the above paragraph?

(2) Is there a known Mouser (or other parts supplier) part number for that feedthrough capacitor?

Any help in getting answers to the above questions will be much appreciated.

Tom K4RV 

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