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At 02:34 PM 9/8/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear List:
>I am looking for two main tuning knobs with finger holes for "S" line  gear.
>I would like the weighted versions.


I *think* that all the (original) weighted knobs had finger holes. (But 
don't take my opinion for gospel.)

>Please contact me direct with price and delivery.

I have heard of them selling for $150 or so each.  Nope, I do not know of 
any for sale.

SOooo there must be an alternative, right?
Yup, there is, and the estimated cost is $5.00 if you just want a weighted 

See this link on W0YVA's web site for a do-it-yourself version.  Note: the 
home-weighted knob will not have the smooth back surface needed for the 
dial lock/brake mechanism found on the 51S-1 and perhaps other S-line 
rigs.  By the way, some time ago, I did get a reproduction dial lock/brake 
mechanism from a fellow in Japan.. It's very good quality.

Bob's page on do-it yourself weighting of the knob:
Main page: <http://www.isquare.com/personal_pages/ras-hardware.htm>
Knob Page: <http://www.isquare.com/personal_pages/hardware-19.htm>

The fellow in JA who supplied the dial brakes is:

Here is info I received from him in 2000 about his reproduction parts.

  - The below prices were 4+ years ago - (I may have paid $75 for the dial 
brake assembly at a later time.)
  - at that time he had spinner knobs:

>From: "Hideo Saji" <saji@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>To: "Roy Morgan" <roy.morgan@xxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Collins Reporductions - Endorsement
>Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 01:03:55 +0900
>Hi Roy.
>Thanks for the mail.
>Our repro collins parts prices are as follows:
>Spinner knob:US$90.00
>Pointer knob:US$19.50
>Dial brake kit:US$59.95
>Weight knob kit:US$40.00
>SM-3 plate:US$25.00
>Now, Dial brake kit is out of stock and can not supply till end of June.
>Thanks again for your interest in our repro parts.

>From: "H&M Saji" <saji@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>To: "Roy Morgan" <roy.morgan@xxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Collins Reporductions - Endorsement
>Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 09:11:56 +0900
>Hi Roy.
>Thank you for your inquiry about our repro parts.
>We can available the brake kit now.
>Thanks again for your interest in our repro parts.
>H&M Corp.
>1-80-14-501 Takashimadaira,
>Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 175-0082 JAPAN
>Hideo Saji       JH1LBR/T32LB/T32T   (CCA AC96-00389)
>H&M Corporation
>Member of "Yokohama Yacht Club"
>E-mail: saji@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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