{Collins} 30L-1 switch-shipping details

Hello all,
     I just wanted to get everyone updated on what I plan to do about 
getting your switches to you.
     After giving it some thought, I decided to set up shipping in two 
tiers.  One rate will apply
to those ordering 1-2 switches and a slightly higher rate for those of you 
ordering 3 or more.
    I haven't totalled it yet because I'm getting ready to buy a large 
quantity of padded
envelopes at a significantly lower price than I'd get at the post office. 
This will make my job
much easier and much quicker.
    Also, please send me your address off-list if you're not current on QRZ!
    One more thing, I've decided to do this on the honor system. I'll ship 
to everyone and all I
ask is you remit the invoiced amount.  Your check will be fine. Again, this 
will help me get
the job done faster.
    And finally, since I estimate I only bought 1/3 of Hosfelt's stock, I'm 
considering going back for
more. I'll decide when I see how many more switches may be needed. Please 
don't e-mail
me yet until I make some room in my inbox!!!!


              Rich  WB3JLK

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