{Collins} Fwd: 32S-1 for sale.

>Hi Gang,
>      I have a radio that I don't have the time to fix.  I bought it to 
> put together'
>and just haven't got the time.  Here's the scoop.  The S/N  is 1732 so 
>it's a early WE.
>It has all the knobs, meter,  tubes, shields, etc.  This thing will work 
>on some of the bands,
>some of the time and sometimes not the rest.  The finals are good (90 
>watts out on 10 when it decides
>to).  It needs a final cage cover and a cab.  I have a trim ring.  The 
>front panel is pretty nice too.
>Main tuning drive is fine as is the dial assembly.  PTO works great and 
>all the Oscillators work, all the crystals
>are there as well. I have replaced most of the paper caps, and 
>electrolytics, so I don't know what to tell you.
>It has been suggeseted that the thing needs to be aligned with the right 
>manual procedure.
>I'd say that's probably right, but right now, I can't get to it.  So 
>here's the deal I'll make you:
>$300.00 and I'll send it to you for that.  It's worth more in pieces than 
>that and so you have an option.
>Make pieces out of it (I have more than I'll ever use), or fix it and put 
>a cabinet on it. Youir choice.
>Have a project that probably won't take much to fix.


Kim Herron  W8ZV

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