{Collins} Collins Filters for Sale

I have the following Collins Mechanical Filters excess to my needs.  I want to sell them as one lot.
F 455 FA 15   526-9495-00
F 455 FD 19   526-9691-010
F 455 FA 21   526-9427-00
F 455 FB 21   526-9448-00
F 455 FC 60   526-9522-001

F 455 Y 21   526-9337-00   For that S line or KWM

F 500 Y 70 AM    526-9421-00
F 500 Y 70 AM    526-9421-00

These last two are symetrical AM filters to convert your 51S-1 to the mechanical filter version.  It takes this filter and two silver mica caps and the directions are in the 51S-1 manual.

If you are interested, contact me directly off the reflector.

Rich Baldwin
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