{Collins} Re: Requested DETAILS regarding Refurbished RE 30L-1

I have received many requests so am providing this response. I will post some pictures, here, later on today. 

Here are some details:

  a.. Unit is a late serial numbered round emblem Collins 30L-1. 
  b.. It might have been originally owned by the U.S. Government; an inventory number has been engraved on the back of the cabinet. 
  c.. It has four RCA JAN 811A's in it, producing full power output. 
  d.. The power supply capacitors are in good condition and are not leaking. 
  e.. There is no rust anywhere. 
  f.. The meter is working properly. 
  g.. All controls work properly. 
  h.. The ALC is set to function properly with 0 to -4 volts, as used in Icom equipment, other. 
  i.. There is some signs of wear (nicks and rubs) in various places. 
  j.. Copy of manual provided.
Modification done by previous owners:
  a.. The UHF RF Output connector has been changed to SO-239. Handy and no effect on performance.
  b.. All HV interlocks have been removed. I have added signage to warn user. No effect on performance.
  c.. The antenna changeover relay has been replaced. No effect on performance.
  d.. Openings in back of cabinet have been enlarged/added. No effect on performance.
  e.. One fuse holder replaced using off-sized holder. No effect on performance.
Refurbishing I have done:
  a.. Dismantled inner and outer cabinet. 
  b.. Cleaned, inside and out. 
  c.. Replaced off-sized fuse holder to proper size. 
  d.. Refinished trim ring  using correct Collins color.( The trim ring is the preferred aluminum ring instead of plastic.) 
  e.. Refinished outer cabinet using correct Collins color. (All refinishing done with baked-on enamel) 
  f.. Reassembled unit and bench tested; all functions appear to be normal. 
  g.. Adjusted ALC level for 0 -4 range of operation.
Photos to follow, later today.


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