{Collins} This sunday 20 MTR help please..

Greetings all, this will be the 3rd Sunday of the month, At this time I dont think I have a scheduled partner mate for NCS duties for the 20 mtr net duty..  If you think this is something you might want to try and see if it might be for you, I'd most happy to try and help get you off to a good start and help share duty during the net, to try and make you feel comfortable during the net operation, I enjoy this activity, and have become pretty relaxed at the duty.. I just need a station with [ my words a good signal capability ]  it would help if you are located to my north west or east, im here in the central middle of the great State of Texas, the particular areas I have trouble is the 5th call area, typically here within the state, Bill out in new Mexico I usually can work with no effort, east of me is tuff with LA, so if you cant stay the whole time these areas would be the biggest help, beyond that I can kill emm off area by area and get thru reliably to all east coast, Midwest, north west and due west..  The BUDster has offered but hell, no difference, he is a 1/2 mile from my station..  not much difference..  give it some thought , and let me know by return email or identify yourself at the start of the net and we can work it out on the fly..  see or hear you all this Sunday,  14,263 is the scheduled freq, but right  now I'd like to offer that we move to 14,260, as the salvation Army net guys are running their SATRN net all day lately on 14,265, and 263 is crowding them a bit, with most of our signals, so lets shoot for 14,260 till we get past some of the one after another storms and hurricanes, but this is only temp, we will always try for the 263 spot..  
Look for a big turn out and we will load emm up and get on with it..   Do we have a theme for this week..  thanx  mac/mc w5mc  

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Fri: 3.895 Mc-2000 Pacific / Sun: 14.263 Mc-2000 UTC
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