{Collins} Re: 32S3 tuned to 28.6 Mhz generates 31.695 Mhz 100 watt output Why??

> This is a late collins meatball (30K serial number) that I have gone thru
> the "laboratory" alignment process.  Everything came out just fine 3.5
> 21 Mhz but I get output on 28.5 band position of 31.695 Mhz and the plate
> circuit, although drawing lots of current is non-resonant.  The
> non-resonance kinda makes sense as I am probably out range of the tuned
> plate circuit at that frequency but cannot understand why the output is
> approximately 3 Mhz high.  The right crystal is in the rig along with a
> couple other ten meter xtals and they all show this approximate frequency
> noted above.  Any thoughts?

Did you check the crystal oscillator with a frequency counter?

> One further question.  I have a 3.9 trimmer than seems to "float" and has
> resistance like the others.  Is this indicative of the button and top
> sections being "frozen" together.  I know there have been problems with
> these trimmers but not sure if there is a way to really tell if that is a
> problem.  Does this characteristic suggestion a "frozen" trimmer?

Yup, the trimmers do freeze up.  Take off the C clip on the bottom of the
trimmer.  Very carefully separate the mica insulator, clean and replace.
SSof Nebraska has replacement trimmers.


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