{Collins} Re: 30S-1 Questions

I have 4 different pilot lamp numbers in use. Did not find any numbers =
the book. Which is/are the correct ones?
>From the WC9M archives:

hope this helps,

Tom Laird WC9M
Moline, IL.

> The meters in my 30S-1 are very poorly illuminated by the #47 bulbs - =
> this normal or is there something obvious I'm overlooking? I actually
> thought the bulbs were bad.
I made a reverse change in my KWM-2A (replaced #44 with #47) for both =
meter and dial lamps because I wasn't happy with the amount of heat the
plastic dial was getting.
Anyone tried the Radio Shack Long-Lasting LED lamp replacements for #47 =
I suppose we should consider that the meters in the 30S-1 are poorly
illuminated as compared to other manufacturer's products. Especially the =
I have given thought to selecting another lamp with higher brilliance =
but just
have not gotten around to testing this idea. I believe that this would =
work. We
would have to be sure that we don't exceed the current rating of  =
T-203 that supplies all four lamps and the BIAS supply. Another concern =
be, since the meter lamps  are in series, you would have to change both =
at once. Otherwise, the total increased current will flow through both =
causing the standard lamp to  glow more brilliantly, possibly burning it =
Also, this may mask the results of the test.

To increase the illumanation of meters I have replaced type 47 lamps =
with type
44. Both are bayonet base and bulb type T-3 1/4. The type 44 draws .25 =
at 6.3 volts while the type 47 draws only .15 under the same conditions.

Another fix: White paint the inner case around the edge of the glass. No =
than 3/8" or 1/2" reflective band is necessary. While it's open, clean =
glass [after the paint dries].

Late production meters featured a thin Styrofoam strip rapped around the =
but this Styrofoam 'yellows' faster than [Testors] model paint and =
the meter's internal temperature.

Be careful about the temperature inside the plastic meter housing. Going =
up in
bulb dissipation can be pretty hard on them.

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