{Collins} Need KWM2 T3

I am restoring a KWM2 and T3 (mixer slug tuned coil) which is the second one 
back from front, controlled by the exciter tuning knob is burnt toast. I can 
not rewind or repair it. The primary is cooked, melted and core is cracked 
thru completely. Some wiring is "welded" to the form, so guess lightning got 
into unit thru RF input since this is connected to the external rcve phone 
plug too. Symptom was complete loss of drive. From coil secondary down the 
chain works well with 100 watts output. Does anyone have a junker KWM2 they 
are parting out  or a spare used T3 that I can purchase? Thanks for any help 
from your "extras" ...  San K5YY  CCA 169  k5yy1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

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