{Collins} new member requires advice on Collins receiver

Dear friends,
I am a new member of this fine list. I live in the UK and have a severe physical disability. I would like to purchase an older Collins receiver and become a short wave listener once again. I am thinking of the 75S-3B or the 75A-4. My main concern is that I am physically unable to do any maintenance. When my condition allowed I was a radio amateur with the callsign G4NSX. I am desperate to return to listening with a Collins receiver, which I am quite happy to purchase. Any advice you may be able to offer me on which of the older models to look at, would be greatly appreciated. I listen to ssb, cw, and am. I used to own the KWM380, but always promised myself that one day I would buy an older Collins receiver.

This list gives me a great deal of pleasure for which I thank you all.

John Winfield

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