{Collins} 30L-1 resistors & etc.

Hello to the List:  Here is  your chance to get some hard to find grid
and parasitic suppressor resistors for your  Collins30L-1 transmitter and
other items as well.

Item #1. Replace those old tired, burnt out,  out of tolerance grid
resistors with four (4) brand new 47-ohm 1 watt Allen Bradley carbon
composition grid resistors.  Shown on the 30L-1 schematic as R21, R22,
R23, R24.   You should have these as spares in case you develop a grid to
plate short in one or more of your 811A's. These are the ones that
vaporize.  Price is $5.00 for four (4) plus $1.50 FIRST CLASS - USA 
shipping plus $1.30 insurance if desired.

Item #2.  Replace those old tired, burnt out, out of tolerance parasitic 
suppressors in your Collins 30L-1 with two (2) new homemade parasitic
Same construction as Collins original suppressors using  (2 ) new Allen
Bradley 100 or 120 ohm 2  watt carbon composition  resistors   These are
shown as Z1
and Z2 on the 30L-1 schematic. $6.00 for  the pair plus $1.50 FIRST CLASS
shipping. plus $1.30 if insurance is desired.

Item #3. 1 each  47 ohm 2 watt carbon composition resistor shown as R9 on
the Collins 30L-1 schematic.  Collins changed the value of this resistor
from 82 ohms to 47 ohms in instruction book 523-0122-00 4th edition. 
This is the
exact replacement. $2.50 ppd.  

Item #4.  1 each 10K ohm 2 watt carbon composition resistor shown as R15
on  the Collins 30L-1 schematic. This resistor changes values due to
heat.  Exact replacement. $2.50 ppd.

Item #5. 2  each 10 ohm 2 watt carbon composition resistor shown as R17
and R18 on the Collins 30L-1 schematic. Resistors open up or change value
due to short on B+ line. $5.00 ppd.

Item #6 1 each  Dale 1 ohm 1% 5 watt wirewound resistor shown as R8 on
the Collins 30L-1 schematic and located on bottom of  B+ resistor string.
Acts as  meter shunt.  $3.50 ppd.

Item #7.  Replace your old style tube sockets in the Collins 516F-2 AC
power supply with  genuine ceramic sockets.  These are not the inferior
Chinese replacements but genuine 8-pin USA  sockets for the 5U4 and 5R4
and are made  by  Amphenol or Cinch and which have  their name imprinted 
in the
ceramic. Has the mounting ears for replacement with bolts and nuts or can
mounted in a hole and secured with  the mounting ring. Note:   Will
require  enlarging
the chassis mounting  hole and drilling new holes for the screws for the
mounting ears.  CCA
"The Signal" issue number twenty five details how this is  done. $12.50
each plus
$1.50 shipping. combine items and reduced shipping charges. Only a few

Item #8.  New Military grade UTC audio output transformer.  Part 
#UTC-F-7101.   Specs - 600 ohm  primary and 8 ohm secondary.  2 watt. 
Frequency response 250-5000hz.  Round potted metal case  1-1/2 inches
high and 1 1/4 inches diameter (same diameter as a flashlight "D" cell). 
Has a diagram and connection pinout on the case.  Useful to add a 
speaker to your Collins 51S-1 or other receivers that have a  600 ohm
output.  $18.00 plus $2.50 shipping in USA. Insurance  $1.30 additional
if desired.

Item #9.  Replacement fuse kit for  Collins 30S-1 or 30L-1.

30L-1  F1 & F2 8A ABC or AGC  fuses.  $2.50 including shipping.

30S-1 F201 AGC 3.2A - F202  12A ABC or AGC - F203 12A ABC or AGC- 
F204 8A ABC or AGC-  F205 1A ABC or AGC.  $4.00  plus
$1.50 shipping.  Order a kit now and tape it to the back of your 30L-1 or
so you will have the exact replacement when the time comes. Each fuse kit
is in its own
plastic bag.  Buy both fuse kits, total of 7 fuses,  for $5.00 plus $1.50

Item #10
Feed thru ceramicon capacitor for the Collins 30L-1.  Shown as C35 thru
C59 on the schematic.  These are 1500uuf  instead of 1000uuf  but well
within the tolerance ratings of the originals. The originals were rated
at 1000uuf (plus 100% to minus 20%) . Rated at 500vdc, flash tested at
1000vdc. Mounts in the same holes as the originals. These are made by
ERIE and are hermetically sealed.   They are NOS in original sealed
weatherproof packages.  These are style 327 that have a hook on each end
which  are designed for tie points for several connections which can be
bent to suit your particular needs.  Note:  Does not include the nut and
washer.  Use the ones from the old feed thru.  $4.95 each.  
Free shipping for five or less.  $1.50 otherwise.     

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