{Collins} Collins Broadcast Equipment and accesories

Hi All,

 I am looking for manuals to scan that are related to
Collins Broadcast equipment and accessories.  Audio
consoles etc.
You can currently find a number of manuals on the
Collins Collectors Association website:
www.collinsradio.org  the manuals are on

There are a number of broadcast transmitters and audio
consoles and accessories available for free download.
I am trying to
complete the broadcast section of the CCA archives. We
have the permission of Rockwell Collins to scan and
reproduce these manuals.
If you have any manuals of Collins Broadcast equipment
that I may borrow to scan please let me now. I will
pay shipping both ways and include a digital version
of what you have sent me. Thanks to the number of you
that have stepped up to the plate and provided the
manuals that you have to make the broadcast area of
the CCA website the best place for Collins equipment
anywhere on the internet.
Thanks for your help!
Larry WA9VRH

Collins Collectors Association Archive Manager

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