{Collins} 30l-1 sales and shipping

I would say of all the s-line pieces of equipment to ship, to me the 30L-1 is the worst, it's poorly balanced in both planes, and living here next to the BUDster, I see beat up 30L-1s in here all the time, some times more than once before they get completed, and with out further damage.. So today I had to ship a 30l-1 and had been putting it off, but had sold it on ebay and the buyer is expecting something..  and this followed another recent sale, where I just poked around and didn't get it shipped, and I still have 7 more to sell off.. so today im desperate to get this honey shipped..  I decided to place it into the box on it's back, with the face looking up towards the top of the box.. that helps the balance in one plane.. then I was wishing the box had those hand lifting  " CUTOUTS " so it is easy to lift..  knowing from previous efforts, those dont work so well when you either have a heavy item , or a single wall box.. the lifting holes just sort of tear out, and you have a bigger mess, so I am using a 350# doublewall box, but I still want the lifting holes, then I get this for me BRILLIANT idea, I will cut out some plywood, and screw it to the inside of the box and make a pass thru lifting hole opening..and screw the plywood to the box.. so on my way up to the barn to get this plywood, and just not real excited about getting out the jig saw and making all this match up, and so on..  It hits me, make the piece out of this same heavy double wall material, and hot glue the thing onto the side of the actual shipping box.. then I decided to make this the cat's ass and do for both sides of the opening..  Well it just turned out great, and is very comfortable to pick up and carry, and not the least awkward one bit..  BUT I did get a bit carried away, and it looks like I wont have my index or first finger healed over enough in time for the CW sweepstakes this fall ..  the hot glue, is really hot.. but im expecting a full recovery, I went ahead and cut the blisters open, but it still hurts..  anyhow, this is my brilliant idea for helping any of you when you need to ship one of the awkward pieces..  good luck  mac/mc    

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