{Collins} F/S WE KWM-2/PM-2

Argggh!  Just too many projects . . . something has got to go!  Excellent
candidate for the "cleaner of your choice" bath!  WE KWM-2 serial # 1121
including PM-2 and an original 9th Edition, 15 January 1978 complete manual
which is in good condition.  Lots of storage dirt but not tobacco related as
far as I can tell.  The price is $415 (what I have in it), "as is/where is"
and the BUYER pays for packing and shipping from Atlanta.  Of course you are
welcome to pick it up.

I have NOT TESTED any tubes, etc but have done a VERY QUICK check (NOT
COMPLETE OR THOROUGH) and here is the report - "warts" and all.

Has finger spinner knob, plug in relays, additional 28.0 - 28.2 xtal for 10
meter cw; has all normal hamband xtals and xtal calibrator xtal.  Works on
bands as follows:  RECEIVES well on ALL bands: XMTR: 80 meters - NO power
out:  40 mtrs - abt 100 watts out: 20 mtrs - abt 90 watts out:  15 mtrs -
abt 90 watts out:  10 mtrs - abt 90 watts out.  PTO is stable - turns
without binding.  Meter glass needs to be reglued.  Antenna RCA socket on
rear has been replaced with an SO-239. Emission switch works well but seems
too "loose" to me.  Has plug in relays. Looks like BFO xtals were replaced
somewhere along the way.  Cabinet is servicable without major dings, dents,
etc.  Some paint chipping.  All lettering is excellent and should clean up
very well.  I did clean a small area around the NB Power socket for
illustration as well as the left side of the Bandswitch indicators on the
front panel - hopefully you will be able to see this in the photos. The PM-2
works, is dirty and has homebrew separation cable - no manual for PM-2.

In addition to cleaning (although it does work now except as noted on 80
meter xmit)  the M-2 will need a complete alignment and maybe some "other
stuff."  I did put it on the air on 20 and 15 meters and got excellent audio
reports (no antenna for 40).

Photos are available at:  http://home.bellsouth.net/p/pwp-zut    Click on
"Photo Albums" at the top of the page.  The photos on the web site are
reduced in resolution and the front panel and interior printing looks poor
because of the reduction.  I do have high resolution photos available if you
are interested.   If there is something specific that you want to see, let
me know and I'll photograph it and email it to you.  Please contact me off
list for additional info - and - if you want to buy it,  please say that you
WILL BUY IT otherwise it goes to the first person who says they will.
Thanks, have fun - ' 73 es gud dx.  --Don N4HH (404) 218-3595 cellular.

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