{Collins} Collins S Line and other Collins related items for sale

I have a very clean, very well working S line for sale.  I am the second
owner.  Three units are in CCA excellent condition.  The power supply is
good to very good with a couple of small scratches.  
75S-3	serial 12576
32S-1	serial 11241
516F-2	Power Supply - solid state rectifiers and relay mod for on off. 
Serial # 1111
312B-4  serial # 54105
Price is $1300 for the four pieces, plus shipping costs.  

Bonus items:  

I have two power cable extenders, 11 pin male at one end, 11 pin female
at the other, enabling the 516F-2 to be farther away for the
transmitter.  One is 5 feet long, the other 6 feet long.  
Price for the pair is $40 or $25 each if separated.  plus shipping.  

Also available:   R390A redone by Chuck Ripple in the late 90's. 
Motorola AF module, Raytheon VFO date 1976, power supply EAC dated
1962.  Very clean, works very well, front panel excellent.  I have a
Heathkit cabinet it will fit into as well, repainted Collins gray.
Price is $1100 for the radio and cabinet, plus shipping of course.  Most
likely would have to ship separately.  

I can send digital picture of any of this for serious buyers.  Just
email your interest.  

Michael Sell
Thornton, CO

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