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I have the following items for sale....
75S-1 RX....Has the Waters Rejection Unit installed. Also has 500hz xtal filter installed.
The radio is pretty clean, trim ring has been repainted.front panel fairly good condx with couple of scratches.Cabinet in good condition and free of scratches or dents.There is an additional switch/pot on the front panel with Collins matching knob.Not sure of its function, seems in-operative.
It is working and has all the xtals.
Will be sold as is as described ...$400.00 shipped

32S-1 TX. Needs a cleaning and has low output.
Is complete with xtals. Trim ring has been repainted and cabinet is free of scratches or dents.Front panel is also free of scratches, no worn spots.
Will be sold as is as described....$300.00 shipped

516F-2 Power Supply. Needs Work.
Has all the voltages, but are high.
Has been converted over to capacitor input filter,
Choke is still there but removed from circuit and not sure of its condition of choke.
Cabinet and trim ring in pretty good condition.
Sold with 32S-1 or after 32S-1 is sold,not before.
Will be sold as is as described....$225.00 shipped

Will ship the three peices for $875.00.

Photos available on request.

Have original manuals for 32S-1...75S-1 and the Water Unit, as well as the 500hz filter and bfo xtal that are installed in the RX.

Please be advised the are as is....They are not terrible, but the power supply and xmtr will require some attention prior to using.

Tnx  ED ... 727-536-7088

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