{Collins} 2A wiring harness

Greetings to the group,


I have a KWM-2/A question. The question pertains to the wiring harness under the chassis. Is there a print, diagram, or chart that lists the connections of the wiring harness, and their respective color codes from point to point, including the Terminal (Vector) boards ?    


I obtained a 2A a while back that has/had transmitter output problems. Some of the problems I have resolved, but still have a nagging output problem, that I have traced to the following discovery. 


My 2A, on terminal board E10 point A ( or G), it?s the top point when the radio is viewed on the bench upside down. This is the point were R189 an 82 Kohm resistor ties to the negative 70 volt buss in the ALC circuit at Switch S9E. This resistor was added in Identifier number 37 in the Schematic Changes and Equipment Differences section just in front of the schematics in Section 7 of the manual. 


Whoever had this radio prior to me, put the R189 in, but only half way. The lead for R189 is the only lead on this terminal strip? There is nothing else there, and I would think that this point must go to the -70 volt buss somehow. The other end goes to the junctions of R211, and CR8 as shown on the schematic at S9E.  So my question is, from where in the harness, or other terminal point did/does the -70 come from on a ?normal? radio ?


Can anyone help me ?




Jim Taylor


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