{Collins} More gear for sale - not mine!

Greetings to the list!

I have been approached by a friend who no longer has the time nor the desire 
to participate in amateur radio at the level he once was.  My friend asked 
me to sell a bunch of his equipment off.  I know something about the items 
but I cannot answer detailed questions unless I check further with him.  He 
is out of the country most of the time so an answer takes a bit of time to 

Anyhow this is what he has and what I know.  Everything works as it should, 
no junkers or DOA stuff!!!  Here is what he told me to sell along with the 
prices he wants:

32V-1 SN 419 Very nice and clean $1075
32V-3 SN1535 Again very nice and clean $1200
75A-1 SN 309 Clean as a pin. No marks on front panel.  Factory stock. This 
is nice. $1300 but it comes
                     with a 270G-1 speaker that is equally nice.
75A-4 SN3425 with 6 and 3.1 filters, redone by Howard Mills, $1800
Two 270G-2 speakers $300 each
One 270G-1 speaker $300
75A-2 SN1800 Nice $750
75A-2 SN1729 with product detector by Universal Service Nicer $800
75A-3 SN 1729 (yes same SN as the A2 above!) with NBFM module and 6/3.1 
filters $850
Spare S-meter for the 75A-1 series receiver $100

Many times some of the Collins stuff above is mated with other transmitters. 
Yes to be determined is the price for the following:

1 KW Johnson tuner with meter
2 Small Johnson matchboxes
2 Johnson Valiants
1 Ranger II
2 Ranger I transmitters
1 Super Pro 600
1 Hammurlund HA110 with matching speaker
1 NC-200 Silver Anniversary with orig manual and matching speaker

Most units come with original manuals except for some of the Johnson stuff.

If you see something in the above lists that peaks your interest and doesn't 
have a price, let me know so I can pressure my friend to get on with it!


Charlie, W0YG..>>

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