{Collins} 51J Rec

I'm posting this for someone who doesn't have access to this reflector.  If 
you can help Bill, please respond to him directly at wtb10@xxxxxxxxxx.  Tnx.

>From: "Bill Bussey" <wtb10@xxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: 51J Rec
>Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 17:55:41 -0500
>I didn't know you existed.  I have a 51J Collins receiver, and I've had it 
>for many years.  When I operated amateur radios in the 50's-thru the 70' I 
>operated the old BC-610, RFI generator with it's 939 antenna 
>matcher.  Later, a KWM2 and along the way I acquired different 
>equipment.  Two receivers I left at my Dad's for him to use.  The SX28, 
>which I liked was given to a HAM friend.  The 51J ended up hidden away in 
>an closet until recently when my sister reminded me it was 
>there.  Recently, Dec 04, I brought it to my home in Florida.  It looks 
>good, and I don't believe it has been turned on for ____years.  It's in a 
>nice 19" case, etc.
>Any suggestions on what I could do with it?  I would appreciate it if you 
>could ask around and let me know.
>Bill Bussey
>(352) 241-4734

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