{Collins} Collins 200A Transmitter For Sale

A good friend, who has no internet capability, is reluctantly selling an extraordinary, early Collins transmitter. It is a circa 1933 Collins model 200A 1 KW transmitter in CCA 'Wonderful' condition. 

As most readers of this reflector will know, this is one of the earliest Collins transmitters and among the very earliest capable of a kilowatt. Some of the original 'blueprints' (which reflect model 200B and therefore may not be the drawings originally supplied with this unit) are dated December, 1933 and bear the initials of Art Collins himself. 

This 200A is complete, has not been butchered or cobbled up and is in beautiful condition. Very little, if any, restoration is warranted and only a minimal amount of very pleasant tinkering would be required to put this transmitter on the air. 

The transmitter belongs to Bud McCabe W2BKR. It is located about 30 miles west of Albany, NY and must be picked up in person as Bud is unwilling to ship it. 

I have several JPEG photos available for those who would like them. Potential buyers are welcome to e-mail or call me at 203-431-8181. Better yet, you can reach Bud at his home at 518-868-2190 at reasonable east coast times. 

The price is $11,000. Bud is a quality, no nonsense guy. Understand that he is not selling this transmitter because he wants to. Please resist any tendency to 'nickel and dime' him. Hams have been known to do that. 

By any standard, this is a real gem. With it's significant historical value aside, it is a absolutely beautiful piece of equipment. It would be the crown jewel of any Collins collection. If you are interested, act quickly (before I weaken and buy it myself). :-) 

Denis Sharon W1AOK

Ridgefield, CT


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