{Collins} Important Net Announcement

Hello to All,
Tonight is the Thursday edition of the CCA, 75 Meter Net. Due to problems with getting the use of the 3875 Kc. frequency, the net will now meet on 3872 Kc +/- QRM. We have made arrangements with the Marconi net to use 3872 Kc. on Thursday evenings from 9:00 - 11:00 Eastern time. We hope that this will be  permanent move, but we will await the outcome of its use for a few weeks before it is made permanent. All indications are that it will work out just fine.

The NCO for tonight's net is Tony, W9JXN. Please join Tony and the rest of the members for the net tonight.

73 de Fred, W1SKU
Net Manager
CCA Member # 793

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Nets: Tues: 3.805 Mc-2000 Central / Thur: 3.875 Mc-2000 Central
Fri: 3.895 Mc-2000 Pacific / Sun: 14.263 Mc-2000 UTC
1st Wed (of the month) AM Net 3.880 Mc-2000 local (ET, CT, MT, PT)
Sun AM Net: 29.050 Mc-1200 Central

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