{Collins} Boat Anchors or Boat Anchors?

Hi all,

For quite a long time I have seen the term "Boat Anchors" mentioned.

When I first used that term I had in my mind that it referred to a piece 
of electronic equipment that was worthless except to be used as a "Boat 
Anchor". In other words a piece of junk, even it is was brand new.

To explain myself I'll tell a little story. Many, many years ago I was 
working on writing some software for a printer driver. That printer was 
soon named by me as a boat anchor. It was such a piece of junk. It was 
not work having around. That was back the in late 70's.

Now in these more modern days (the last few years) when I first become 
aware of the "new" use of the term, "Boat Anchor", I first thought the 
term meant the same. My-o-my how things change. I have learned that a 
boat anchor is referring to a vacuum tube piece of equipment. WOW. What 
a difference.

So, the reason for my post is to simply see if there are any others out 
there that may have used "boat anchor" like I did many years ago.

Interesting at least, huh?


Walter Cheatham. Proud owner of an S-Line station but no license yet so 
I cannot go on the air, yet, but soon.

PS. How many Hams are in the Phoenix AZ area that might be willing and 
able to take me under their wing and help me get started quicker than me 
doing it by myself (hint - hint)?
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