{Collins} Re: [Collins] KWM-2 Low Gride Drive

Hello Gary,
I removed the rear panel from my KWS-1 and photographed the HV filament 
rectifier transformer wiring.  As far as I know, this is absolutely stock 
configuration (mine works).  You can see the wire color codes and the HV 
cable routing.  I hope that this helps you (and anybody else in a similar 
situation) get the old 'gal' on-the-air.  See the following link for the jpg 


Good Luck and let me (and everybody else) know how you make out.
Best 73,
Pete Zilliox, K5PZ
Dallas, Texas

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> Pete,
> I still need the info on T-502  wiring on the KWS-1 power supply. The 
> other post was about a KWM-2 which I have working well now.  I really 
> would appreciate the T-502 wiring info.
> Gary  K8BKB
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>> Does this message mean that you don't need the wiring info any more on 
>> the filament transformer?  I was charging up the battery on my electric 
>> screw driver to take off the couple dozen screws on the back panel of my 
>> KWS-1. Let me know if you still need it.
>> 73,
>> Pete
>> K5PZ
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>> Subject: [Collins] KWM-2 Low Gride Drive
>>> Thanks to everyone for their input!
>>> I nowhave a functional KWM-2 , serial #300. After loosening and 
>>> re-tightening every grounding point, and doing the same with the band 
>>> switch covers, cleaning the xtal pins and sockets, cleaning the relays, 
>>> cleaning the band switch, getting the xtals in the right socket, putting 
>>> in a new set of NOS tubes and a minor alignment I have grid drive on all 
>>> bands and the resultant RF needed! The relay's remain a little pesky.
>>> Gary   K8BKB
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