{Collins} Re: 75S-1 Noise Blanker

Don't know about the 75S-1 in question, but Collins did make a noise  blanker 
for the RX, although, the most common one found seems to  be the "Waters 
rejection filter" made for the 75S-1/KWM-2. If I am not  mistaken, both were field 
installs. There is a blank plate bolted in the  middle of the chassis for 
that purpose.
73! DE N5MCJ, Jerry
In a message dated 2/25/2005 1:45:22 A.M. Pacific Standard Time,  
g3zqu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Hi  Gang,
can anybody throw any light as to whether there was ever an approved  mod to 
the 75S-1 receiver to include a noise blanker.?
There is one on  e-bay that has this control fitted on the RHS of the front 
panel next to the  emission switch.
I have asked the vendor for some close up pictures which  he has sent but I 
cannot detrmine whether the label plate is part of the front  panel or is an 
extra plate held in place with the NB pot nut.
It all looks  very profesionally done so wondered if it was a pukka mod.
Thanks for the  bandwidth
Martin G3ZQU.

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