{Collins} Dayton Banquet Speaker

Hi Gang,
    Here is a more complete description of this year's Banquet program 
provided by Jim Green WB3DJU:

"The talk will lay a historical background of radio communications 
before it was called radio, before CW existed. The politics of Marconi's 
progress , how it was looked upon by those he sought to fund his 
concepts will be discussed as well as the nature of what he accomplished 
and how it effected radio as we know it today.
Along with this, the speaker will display his reproduction of a very 
early ham  spark gap transmitter  complete with hand  made capacitors 
and coils. The matching receiver sports concentric hand wound coils and 
cat whisker on galena crystal detector. These units do work and earned 
first prize for our speaker at a Rochester Antique Wireless Association 
convention some years ago. There are several human interest 
sidelights in addition to the above including a little known 
story which Paul Harvey might relate as the "real story", about 
Marconi's daughter which Mr. Packham verified when he had an opportunity 
to talk with her. The program will hold something for all in attendance."

        Tony - W9JXN
2005 Dayton Chairperson

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