{Collins} KWM-2A blue tubes

  to answer some questions, yes I think this rig has set up for many years 
not used. I had to spray all points to loosen them up. The chassis was very 
dirty and heavy oxidation. Not a shiny spot at all on the chassis. On the 
time that the 2-a has been on about 6 hours a day for the last 2 days. I 
have noticed that some of the tubes appear to ok now, there is one still 
gassy. I will give some time to be on,  as long as it works ok, I will 
leave it be. I will be looking for a set of spare tubes at the next hamfest 
I attend.
I am still needing a trim ring,  does anyone have one to spare, it doesn't 
have to be perfect, I can repaint one if need to..

thanks again,  Richard  wa4mif

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