{Collins} Your help would be appreciated

Dear CCA reflector subscribers:

A good friend of mine recently became a SK and his estate contains the 

1.  75A4, CCA vg, low serial number*, has 3 filters. Needs 1 tube.

2.  75A4, CCA vg, low serial number*, has 3 filters & 4-1 reduction gear 

3.  KWS1 exciter, CCA vg, approved mods, serial number I believe was 150*. 
Lid was repainted with Collins paint.

4.  428A power supply for KWS1, CCA good, missing the large Collins logo on 
the door & has a non-Collins cooling hose.

5.  312A speaker, CCA good. Works fine. Speaker has a hole in the horn but 
sounds good. Has the "digital" clock and a mount wired for the lumiline lamp.

6.  SC101 station control, CCA good, works fine. Speaker has horn hole but 
sounds good. Has working lumiline lamp with chrome shield. All controls 
work to my knowledge.

7.  302C-1 Directional RF wattmeter, CCA good, works fine.

8.  Nonworking KWM2 w/mobile & station power supplies, remote VFO, tuner, 
controller (325S?).  Physically all are CCA good to vg, but each needs work 

*was packed away last year so I couldn't get the actual S/Ns.

The ' A-4s and KWS-1 include original manuals.  His widow thinks the 312A, 
SC101 & 302C-1 manuals are there, but currently can't find them.  I'd like 
to buy these from her and want to be fair as far as my offer is 
concerned.  I'm not in the estate sale business and will keep these radios 
for personal use, although I will probably sell one of the ' A-4s as two is 
too many for me and I'd like to see someone put it to good use.

Could anyone give me an idea of what these would sell for?



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