{Collins} For Sale - 30L-1, 312B4 and 516F-2

I have the following items for sale all in very good condition. No cosmetic 
issues with face plates.  On the 312B-4 and 516F-2 some
minor scratches that you do not see unless you do a close inspection.  The 
30L-1 show a little wear on the finger hole in the lid.  All items just
came off line and work fine.  A friend of mine is relocating and is not 
taking them with him.  He already sold off the KWM-2A that he used with them.

30L-1 with 572Bs WE 11k serial number $675.00

312B-4 WE 55K serial number $300.00

516F-2 WE 60K serial number $360.00.  This high serial a number should be a 
RE so I suspect it found its way into a WE cabinet.

I will EBAY in a few days if not sold.

Kurt Keller

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