{Collins} 516F-2 Voltages

Hi guys,

I hope it is not too late to wish each and every one a Happy New Year.

Well my Collins 516F-2 "renovations" has got to the point where all the 
caps have been replaced and I have "de-bonged" the transformer by adding 
a couple of NTC "Surge-Gard" thermistors in the primary winding circuit. 
  I found they would fit inside the cage along with the bleeder resistors.

The transformer has just one 115 VAC primary winding, so I am running it 
via a step-down transformer (230 VAC : 115 VAC).  While doing initial 
testing I am feeding the primary of the step-down transformer via a variac.

So far, I have not connected the 32S-1 transmitter to the power supply.

My concern is that the o.c. voltages seem rather high.  Yes, I realise 
that under load the voltage will drop, but when I wind up the variac so 
that the o.c. filament voltage is 6.3 VAC RMS, the o.c. HT read about 
1130 volts.  The other HT reads about 325 volts.

I feel a bit nervous about connecting the transmitter to this supply. 
What can the Ancient Ones suggest?

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