{Collins} Re: 62S-1 Transverters

Hi Bob. Kurt and the group -

I have a 62S-1 transverter and have had it for over ten years. Mine works. I 
have even used it in several VHF contests by adding a solid-state 2m receive 
preamp inserted by just unplugging RCA connectors inside (no "mods"). I 
operate on both 6M and 2M with it and they work very very well. The 62S-1 is 
also constructed beautifully. Nicer than the other S/line and KWM-2 boxes in 
my opinion. Maybe more like the 51S-1.

Are they worth over $2K? Well, yes, when you consider a 516F-2 is now around 
$300 and a 312B-5 is $750. (Even a Collins Pocket Guide by KK5IM just sold 
for $102.93 on eBay.) And my Norton Commando 750 is worth $6500! You are 
right that it isn't practical compared to finding something modern that will 
do the job, but then why run Collins at all? Maybe we should all be running 
Icom 706s instead of Collins gear.

An S/line with the transverter is REALLY cable intensive though!

Just an opposing view to keep it interesting!

Russ WQ3X

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> $1800?  Man, I can buy a lot of stuff for $1800.  I
> don't want a museum piece, I want a transverter to
> actually use.  But at only 160, I guess that's never
> going to happen.  Oh well I'll either have to get a
> green one, or a modern one when I'm ready.  Or, maybe
> when I sell my Duck I could rent one for a year, if
> you get my drift.
> tnx and 73,
> Bob - AE6RV
> --- Kurt Keller <kkeller1@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Bob:
>> I am a bit fuzzy on this but I think they made
>> around 160 or them.  They
>> only made one change to them which had to do
>> with the mechanics on the PA stage.  They started
>> with a high 10K number
>> They go for around $1800.00.  People buy them and
>> usually never even put
>> them on the air and sell them within a year or
>> so.  Nice to have but useless.  I doubt if anyone
>> really knows if the ones
>> they have even work.  Be sure and get the
>> 800 volt adapter cord with one if you buy it.
>> Kurt Keller

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