{Collins} 516F-2 AC Power Control

I was browing various Collins websites the other day and stopped by Jim =
Garland W8ZR's page.  He has a new page up documenting a 516F-2 hotrod =
project =
Beautiful work, incredible craftsmanship. =20

He put a relay in the power supply which lets the ON/OFF switch utilize =
a low level voltage and current to activate the relay coil, and lets the =
relay coil do the 120 VAC switching and current handling.  The standard =
implemention is where the AC power is routed from the 516F-2,up the =
power cable to the KWM-2, the entire power supply and KWM-2 power and =
inrush currents are switched at the ON/OFF switch, AC routed back to the =
516F-2. That reminded me of discussions on here and at the Collins Users =
Conference a few years back about the benefits of using such a relay.

I was wondering if thats a popular method. =20

73, Scott WA9WFA
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