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In addition to the C113 question below, I now find the same conflict for
C115.  In both cases, the original capacitors I removed are both 0.1 MFD.
So I guess the question is "did the design values of C113 and C115 change
from 0.1 to 0.01 MFD after S/N 1137 was built?"  Help.

Bill, K5GCW

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I'm changing out the recommended capacitors in my KWS-1 today and came
across a documentation conflict.  Capacitor C113 is the coupling capacitor
between V103A Pin 1 and V107A Pin 2.  The original documentation that came
with this transmitter shows this as a 0.1 MFD.  The newer documentation on
this website shows C113 as a 0.01 MFD.  Can someone please tell me the
correct value for this component?  Thanks.

Bill, K5GCW

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