{Collins} Emblem paint colors

Good day - 

Dave Knepper asked a question this morning on the AM reflector that
got me to wondering about the different colors used on the Collins A
Line emblems. I have a large one on a piece of equipment I'm restoring
that could use repainting. Some of the emblems are clearly red, others
are a lighter color, more of a salmon color. I know this has been
discussed before, I may have even asked about it. Years back someone
mentioned that the lighter color was the same color as used on GM
fleet vehicles in the early 60s or such.

My question to the group is: what are the accurate or correct colors,
with respect to a current manufacturer and color/number? What is a
good match for the red, and what is the best choice for the lighter
hue? I'm not looking for the original paint vendor, it obviously
varied. Just thought it would be good if those with experience could
post their results for the rest of us to reference. I checked the CCA
home page, but may have missed it if there was a listing related to
this. It was -20 this morning when I started the car, my brain didn't
thaw out until after lunch.

Many thanks - 

de Todd/'Boomer'  KA1KAQ
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