{Collins} Re: KW-1splatter filter HV caps

At 09:04 PM 10/31/2005, k.r.ericson@xxxxxxx wrote:
>Two questions......
>1. Does anyone have any...Plasticon tubular caps - red,    .006ufd 
>@10kv   Need two.
>2. Seems I read somewhere the KW1 is better off without the splatter 
>filter.   Still have the choke but the caps are gone.    Any advice?


My advice is second hand, partly from W0YVA whom I have assisted recently 
in restoring the third KW-1 he's done in recent time:

Don't splatter.
If you control your modulation, you won't need the KW-1 splatter 
network.  Died in the wool AM-ers use a scope at all times.  At the time of 
the KW-1, scopes were not available as readily as they are now.  A second 
solution is to find and use a modulation monitor of the sort made by 
General Radio (their type 1931) and Gates M-5693.

The recommended cure  is to re-arrange the wires on the screw terminals of 
the choke to bypass the thing.

By the way, that third KW-1 is now in Connecticut, the new owner is 
reportedly VERY happy with it, and it's working just Fine Business.  Yet 
another of these great transmitters is in a good home and back on the 
air.  Listen tonight as W0YVA cranks up his, you may hear them both!

See pictures of the restoration at
and look on Page 3 for pictures that show the splatter choke.  All those 
transformers never looked so good!


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