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Symb0l: - CEOA . pk - 
Recent_Price: $1.05 


This st0ck has just started a Major PR Campaign!! 
How will it react to th0usands of investors in the
know now? 

Expect some Nice Gains! Don't wait, act early!

* Read on Below Why we beileve this undiscovered 
gem is going to take off this week starting this 
Friday with this Major PR campaign. 

About the Company:

CEO America, Inc. is the sole licensee of the Creditz 
Digital Currency System - Creditz is the world's first 
digital currency, transforming cash, reward points, and 
miles into digital form enabling secure transactions in 
retail stores, online, and wireless. 

CEOA believes it will generate approximately $45M in 
revenue it's first full year of operations as a Digital 
Currency Vendor, commencing in 2006 and will produce 
$25OM, with net income of $35M in calendar 2007. 

Partners ? Alliances: 

*In negotiations with national retailers 

Editor's Pick: 

We have selected CEOA as an editor's pick based on the 
following fundamentals: 

1. Strong Management 
2. World-Class Partners 
3. Cutting Edge Technology 
4. Secure Financing 
5. High Consumer Demand 
6. Undervalued (Post-Split) 

CEOA is postured to dominate the retail community in 
the US and internationally. 

Researchers say "Creditz is fast becoming the 
country's foremost choice of currency in e-commerce, a
$2O_bi||i0n a year industry." 

Recent Headlines: 

Oct 10, 2005:  CEO America promotes its Creditz brand
by teaming with Red Bull Cheever Racing as a team
sponsor for the Toyota 500 held at the California

Oct 18, 2005:  David Vaters, Chairman of CEO America
interviewed by Larry Nelson on w3w3 talk radio.  Larry
Nelson, host and founder of w3w3 stated, .CEO America
is a breakthrough company, and we wanted to inform our
listeners about this revolutionary business 

Oct 25, 2005 -- CEO America Inc. over the past few 
months has released several key announcements that 
include alliances with payment industry leaders and 
sales agreements with retailersand organizations....

Nov 1, 2005 -- CEO America today announced a 
development partnership agreement with Innerwall Inc.,
to provide a new level ofsecurity to the company's 
Digital Currency system. Called "CREDITZ(TM) Digital
Currency," ......

*Goto Your Favorite Financial Site to read in Full 
All thier latest Press Releases! 

Put this one on your Radar Screen now!!
Go CEOA!!..This one is going to Move!!


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