{Collins} Tube Puller/Crystal Extractor


>From time to time, people offer the CP-1 Crystal Pack here on the
reflector, on ebay, and at hamfests.  Very frequently, the CP-1 is missing
the extractor tool that was part of the original package.  Take it from me
who serviced KWM-2As in my Air Force days, that tool is very handy for
switching rocks when you need to do so in a hurry.  The same tool can also
do duty as a tube extractor - very handy for some military sets that have
bottles way down "inside the guts" where it is tough to get your fingers.

I just purchased a "Tube Extractor Tool" on ebay from a fellow who seems to
have a small supply.  He claims they are new, and having received mine a
couple of days ago, I can vouch for it being in very good condition.  There
was no "new" packing or box, but he might be getting them in a bulk pack of
some sort.  The all-important rubber tips are definitely in great shape,
and the tool has stamped into one of the handles "GC 5092".   I can not
tell you if that is the same GC (as in "General Cement") part number that
was in the CP-1, but it will serve the purpose.  Incidentally, GC does (or
did) make a lot of service tools for the TV repair and 2-way radio
servicing industries, so there is no doubt in my mind what the "GC" stands
for on the handle.

If this isn't the same tool that was part of the CP-1, then it is a first
cousin.  The price is around $5 + shipping, and there are two currently
listed for sale.  If anyone is interested, the URL is:


I have no connection with the seller.  I am just a happy customer who is
sharing the info.

73, Dale

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