{Collins} KWM-2 problems. I would appreciate some help

I have an OLD (no ser #)KWM-2 without plug-in relays or teflon wiring.  I just picked it up and the transmitter worked but seemed like weak output tubes (50 watts out).  All bands worked.  I changed 3 weak 6u8a tubes and cleaned the chassis carefully with Q-tips and solvent making sure the liquid didn't go where it shouldn't.  Problem is now I have no grid drive.  I can't get any indication on the plate meter when "rocking" the exciter tuning.  I do have the proper plate idling current of 40 ma.  I found a couple of burned up resisters in the circuit coming off of V-1 and replaced them,  I also replaced the old electrolytic caps.  I have not done anything with the PM-2 power supply as I figured since I had proper idling current it probably wasn't the supply.  Maybe (probably) I am wrong.  The receiver works but is a bit on the weak side.  I thought that once I had the transmitter working again I would do a field alignment and that would help both.  Can anyone give me some pointers?  Thanks   Tom
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