{Collins} HP410C HF VTVM-For checking Collins gear

Hello to the list:  For checking Collins equipment a Hewlett Packard
HP410C HF VTVM for sale.  Very good physical and electrical condition. 
Has a
few paint scuff marks on front and side panels due to general usage, 
no dents or dings. Glass in the meter not cracked. All panel markings
and distinct.  Meter markings very good.  All original knobs. Non smoking
environment. Clean outside and in. Checked out on  all functions.
Recently calibrated.
Comes with all test cables which are in good condition and  includes the 
HP11036A AC probe, which is in very good condition, and which has a new
EA53 diode
tube installed.  Includes an AC power cord and an extensive operating and

service manual, which is comb bound. Also includes a EA53 data sheet for
your information.  Ready to go. $165.00 plus $20.00 shipping and
from ZIP 84106.

Sponsored by the Collins Collectors Association http://www.collinsradio.org
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