{Collins} Correction to 75A-4 description

Earlier today you may have seen a FS post for my 75A-4. It has three
filters--4.0kHz, 2.1kHz, and 500Hz. The 500Hz filter was described as
adapted from a 390A. Young Kim K6HM contacted me and said he'd never heard
of a 500Hz 390A filter.
He was right. I was reading from the change manual that Howard Mills
included when he returned the receiver to me. There is a page with a table
that identifies the various filters by the position of the bandwidth switch, and in the table
he had reversed the correct order of the filters. I did not remove the
filters to check the type numbers, which was my error. I have now pulled the
filters and verified their identity. The 390A filter is 4.0 kHz (Collins
part no. 526 9160 009), which clearly was not one of the options for the
75A-4. The type number is 455 N 40.

My thanks to Young for alerting me to my mistake.


Avery W3AVE
Potomac, Md.

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