{Collins} Re: R-388 problem...

Brian, Doug & Ray--

Thanks very much for your input. I did check tubes, and they're fine. I'll 
probably take a closer look at the switches to make sure all the contacts 
are bearing properly, and I'm going to look around in the RF section as 

Your advice is much appreciated. Thanks again.


Rich  KB2DMD

>Hello Rich--
>I just finished working on a similar problem in a different band (8 Mc).  
>Not too bright in the technical department, I was poking around at 
>components in the RF section and found a coil that, when probed, would 
>restore the signal.  I could also push on the phenolic board and restore 
>the signal.  Getting at the board and coil assembly required disassembling 
>the subchassis which was the only way to get to it.  There I found a coil 
>wire which was folded back on itself and shorting turns on the coil. (The 
>wire was hidden by rotary switch shaft and wafer.
>This may or may not be your problem, but sometimes the radio failures are 
>something stupid or simple.  Good luck.  Brian K9VKY
>From: richard parker <parkerak@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Date: Tue Nov 22 10:10:08 CST 2005
>To: collins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: {Collins} R-388 problem...
>I apoligize if I'm wasting bandwidth here, but I don't think that my
>original post made it to the list.
>I'd be grateful if someone could give me an idea of what might be wrong 
>my R-388 receiver. It's a very clean receiver and has always been a good
>performer. Recently, however, the gain dropped off by about 70% on the 
>tuning range (500 to 1500kc). Signals from local BC stations that were
>half-scale or better on the S-meter are now barely audiable.
>When this first happened, I rotated the band change control up to the 
>ranges and back again, and the radio again received normally (for awhile) 
>the first tuning range. Now, however, that trick no longer seems to work.
>All of the other bands (tuning ranges) are working fine.
>I deeply apoligize if my previous post had indeed made it to the list, and
>someone has already taken the time to post advice. I'm just starting to
>learn the "ins and outs" of the internet, and I just realized today that 
>was dumping the "collins" mail in a junkbox without my knowledge.
>Thanks to all for your patience.
>Rich   KB2DMD

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