{Collins} S-Line For Sale.... Round & Winged

I have the following for sale 
75S-3B, 32S-3, 312B-4, 516F-2....All are Round Emblem.
They are all in excellent condition,clean and working well.
100 watts out all bands, 90-95 watts on 10 meters.
Collins Manuals & interconnecting cables included.

$2700.00 + shipping......... Photos available on request.


32S-3 Round Emblem, 75S-3B, 516F-2 Both are Winged Emblem.

They are in Very Good Condition, Clean and working well.
Collins Manuals & interconnectin cables are included.

$1700.00 + Shipping.... Photos available on request.

Tnx   Ed..... 727-536-7088.

I will consider a Late Model H/F xcvr as partial trade.

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